The Serra do Loureiro Estate encompasses the Serra do Loureiro Tourism Hunting Zone, process number 3525 – DGF which occupies a total area of 660,9 ha. This area is managed by the Sociedade Agrícola Serra do Loureiro SA (Serra do Loureiro Agriculture Corporation).

The Serra do Loureiro Estate promotes several activities aimed at improving the quality of the feeding, living and reproduction habitats of game species. Resulting from this care with the fauna and the biodiversity, the Estate has had interesting annual growths of its main game species, like the pigeon, the partridge, the rabbit and the wild boar. This sustained growth enables hunters to enjoy this space for good hunting while appreciating the great diversity of wildlife of the Estate.

For the waiting wild boar hunting, there are twelve comfortable strategically placed hunting scaffolds. The wild boar is frequently hunted with mounts.
There are nine doors for pigeon hunting. Pigeons are rather frequent in this area from October through January.

The Estate has very comfortable facilities to support hunting activities.